Spectrum Analyzer pro Lab 4.6
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Spectrum Analyzer pro Lab 4.6

It is a spectrum analyzer with many Mp3/Wave tools included
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As its name implies, it is a spectrum analyzer.


Basic Module:

- Wave recording for the line in and the mic input
- Mp3 player to analyze Mp3 files (Mp2, atx)
- Two Peak Level Labels that give you control of the highest amplitude
- Peak hold option
- Generator leveling calibrated to 1/100 of a dB.
- Mp3/Wave Tools like:
- A Normalize function for wave files, Codec to convert Mp3 back to wave files,
- Split Stereo Wave file into 2 Mono files, Swap left with the right channels
- Spectrum 3dB for an overall improved monitoring of signals (less bass and more highs!)

Standard features:

- A Visual Pause feature in the display for instantaneous evaluation of data
- Direct comparisons with Function keys
- Recording of the Critical Data with display of Amp, db, and frequency
- Results can be saved in text files for further evaluation
- 12 programmable frequencies for evaluation
- Built-in generator monitors balance between input and output
- Calibration of Input and Output to soundcard for correct line-in level recording
- 3D Wavelet Transform Display in a scrolling-active feature
- A precise Sync to loop feature with documented frequency analysis

New features:

- Leq (m) movie calculator (Long-Term Equivalent Level)
- Leq (m) with weighting filters Leq dB(A), Leq dB(B) and Leq dB(C)
- Leq time and frequency protocol for excel or as a text file
- Average files converter to excel files (create your own Excel sheet)
- Change RMS level Meter with Peak Meter
- K-System (K-20, K-14, K-12) by Bob Katz
- Level Meter norm > DIN45406
- Level Meter norm > Nordic N9
- Level Meter norm > BBC PPM
- Level Meter norm > EBU PPM
- Integration time from none up to 300ms
- Referenz Level 0 dBFS and -18 dBFS and -20 dB
- Note detector
- dBFS and RMS Peak Level Meter
- Weighting filters dB(A), dB(B) and dB(C)
- 48000 hz audio stream
- wide screen compatible
- Correlation percentaged labels
- 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 Octave displaying of the Spectrum
- Zoom function, where you can select 4 frequency ranges
- resolution from 32768 fft so you have 1,46 Hz steps per each bar in the zoom function
- Average function
- Create a jpg from the actual displayed spectrum


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